Dry Scalp & Hair Loss

Itchy Scalp, Hair Loss

Dry, itchy scalp - Prevent Hair Loss Before It Starts

Solution might be simple ...CRLab Trichology Products

The scalp is more prone to dehydration with cold weather and intense indoor heat, which can result in a dry scalp and brittle hair. Dry scalp can also lead to hair loss, if condition is left untreated. 

In-house and home treatment plans are available.  

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Winter Hair Blues

Beat Winter Hair Blues by using the right products.

We spend time taking care of the skin on our face. We are eagerly trying to beat the time of aging but at the same time, when it comes to the health of our scalp, we don't seem to know so much about it. 

Scalp just like the rest of our body, needs nourishing and hydration.  Dry scalp will lead to frizzy, brittled hair and soon the hair will start falling.

We take our hair for granted until when it starts showing signs of thinning, breakage and soon non stop fall of more and more hair. Then panic sets in.  Let's us help you bring your scalp back to health and give you back the beautiful hair you deserve.

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Scalp & Hair Treatments

We all want stronger, thicker hair - but are we willing to do what it takes?

With Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories CRLab products it is easy to improve your scalp & hair's condition. 

LET’S BE HONEST and admit that a scalp anomaly cannot be solved through the use of just a shampoo or lotion. 

CRLAB hair loss restructuring vial is an extra strengthening treatment and is specifically designed to restructure the hair deep within, whilst simultaneous rebalancing the scalp. 

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Havogen 5 Patch

Hair Loss Prevention

Experiencing early stages of hair loss or worried about genetic hair loss?


Through the field of trichology Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories has developed a proven and effective tool to ensure you have a healthy head of hair. 

A simple and effective solution is the Havogen 5 patch.

Intimate AffHairs is proud to deliver this exclusive hair loss solution to both men & women experiencing hair los

How It Works

Havogen 5 is a complex patch, which slowly release the active principle through the skin for 12 hours from the application. 

Thanks to powerfull antioxidant agents and the Vitamin E, Havogen 5 strongly fights free radicals formation. The Serenoa Repens extracts and the 5alpha avocuda (derived from Avogado extracts), sebum and DHT inhibitor, with L-Cistein (a great keratinising agent) and the group B Vitamins (very important as nourishment for the hair bulb), all together co-work for fighting hair loss ant for improving hair growth.

The silk proteins contained in its formulation, enhance hair structure giving thickness and shining. 

Havogen 5 has 5 important actions: 

- Reducing 5alpha reductase activity

- Fighting and inhibiting free radicals formation

- Giving nourishment to the hair bulb

- Fighting hair loss, protecting hair structure.


A natural & effective way to prevent hair loss.

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Addressing Scalp Concerns With Trichology


Scalp itching is a problem that both men and women suffer and that pushes those who suffer scratching the skin, often with painful episodes and overtime it can lead to hair loss. 

In some cases, itching can also be associated with skin and hair problems such as psoriasis, dandruff, seborrhea, folliculitis, dry skin, seborrheic and atypical dermatitis, eczema. 

In many cases, psychological factors such as anxiety, stress and trauma, or external factors such as hygiene and cosmetics, food, chemical agents and treatments are not to be excluded.  

CRLab offers products that thanks to the rehydrating agent, give relief and a beneficial purifying effect. 

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Is your hair dry and brittle? Dry hair often appears weak and fragile and over time they tend to fracture and break, to generate split ends or other forms of damage. 

The causes of dry and lifeless hair can be hormonal, food or genetic: but in any case the primary cause is the lack of production of sebum. 

Even cosmetic treatments can play their part in making hair dry and damaged, especially if it is abused or does not rely on quality products. 

CRLab recommends a series of products designed for dry and brittle hair problems: using them for washing and as a treatment, they nourish the hair, rehydrate it and rebalance it: the hair is immediately soft, bright and easy to comb.

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Does your hair appear dirty, greasy, oily, shiny, or at times unpleasant odor?

It is because it may have high level of sebum. 

Excessive amount of sebum that obstructs follicles over time prevent the growth of healthy hair.  The excess sebum in fact through the hair follicles is poured on the scalp, ending up also to distribute itself on the entire stem of the hair. 

When the production of sebum is excessive, the functions of the sebum are altered and the hydro-lipid balance jumps, compromising the health of the hair and consequently causing problems to the hair and scalp. 

The CRLab line studies products that help to rebalance the production of sebum, thanks to a mix of specific essential oils, which nourish the hair and fight reddening, itching and oily dandruff.

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The ways in which hair loss occurs can be very different depending on the areas of the scalp or the causes that caused it and have a different degree of severity, different causes and specific remedies. 

Timely intervention and choosing quality products and treatments is essential to combat this disorder and limit the consequences of hair loss. 

CRLab, thanks to the research of its laboratories and the experience of its professionals, has created a line completely dedicated to the problem of hair loss, formulated to promote growth by bringing the right nourishment to the hair bulb fortifying it. 

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If your lifestyle and habits lead you to have to wash your hair often, you need to be sure to use products and treatments that do not alter the balance of the hair and nourish it without any side effects. 

Frequent washing, in fact, if carried out with non-specific products, can turn out to be a double-edged sword that on the one hand makes the hair less beautiful and on the other it also undermines the "inner health".

For frequent washing, CRLab has specially designed a complete line of very delicate yet effective products. 

Thanks to the effect of the Daily Care line for frequent washing, the hair will immediately be more shiny and soft.

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Have you noticed your scalp covered with large scales, greasy yellowish appearance, and have a slight but persistent itching?  Then you may suffer from oily dandruff. 

Almost always fatty dandruff is caused by a rapid development of some cells of the superficial epidermal layer and often occurs in people with contact eczema or psoriasis. 

The Cyrab Antiseptic line has been formulated to combat oily dandruff. Since sebum is essential for the protection and metabolism of the skin / hair system, it must be kept in the right balance, because if in excess it will also negatively affect the correct turn over of the hair.

The essential oils at the base of this line fight synergistically against the excessive production of sebum, redness, dandruff and itching, thanks to the astringent and purifying abilities of the active ingredients and the nourishment provided. 

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Hair Loss & Scalp Health - Trichology

Hair Loss
Hair Loss prevention

Trichology & Hair Loss

Trichology is the scientific study of the health of hair & scalp.  Scalp & Hair are part of an interrelated system.  

In order to have healthy hair, you must have healthy scalp. Shedding of hair is considered normal  when hair loss is limited to around one hundred hairs per day.  During an individual's life hair grows, falls out and regrows around twenty times. 

Hair & Scalp

The scalp is an ultra-specialized area of the skin, where hair is anchored. Like other hair, also the hair on the scalp originates from a hair follicle, called a bulb.  Since it is skin, the scalp is susceptible to problems such as imbalances, anomalies, disorders or actual illnesses.


Scalp Problems

Genetic factors influence and determine the size of the diameter in hair.  Its volume varies from person to person.  In hair, the diameter is a very important element. In addition to characterizing its look, it also gives us information about its health. 

Thin hair is less beautiful, less vital looking, less robust and more vulnerable than thick hair, and therefore also more susceptible to external and internal agents.

Common Causes of Hair Loss

  • Androgenetic Alopecia/Thinning hair
  • Seasonal Hair Loss  - Hormonal causes and Environmental stresses
  • Alopecia Areata  - Prevalent autoimmune condition
  • Telogen Effluvium - Stress, trauma from accident, long term hospitalization, physiological changes due to season, child birth etc.
  • Scarring Alopecia - Generally autoimmune condition (but not only)


Premature Hair Loss

Recent studies have demonstrated that around 1 in 5 young men tend to lose their hair prematurely over time. This problem does not affect only young men but also young women. 

In the majority of cases, it is androgenetic alopecia (pattern hair loss) and therefore is genetic.  However, it is important to remember that often factors of psychological origin like performance anxiety, trauma and emotional stress take over, thereby becoming a source and cause of hair loss from stress.  Men suffer from this more than women. 

Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss is a common form of non-scarring hair loss, characterized by the progressive loss of hair in the forehead and crown regions, resulting in visible thinning. Unlike male hair loss, female hair loss in the affected areas is usually incomplete and the occipital area is generally spared. 

The exact hair loss pattern varies from woman to woman. In some patients, the most affected area is the frontal one, with a progressive thinning in the central part of the hairline resulting in a triangular so-called “Christmas tree” part. 

In other cases, a central, scattered thinning takes place, generally sparing the hairline. A rarer case consists of a pattern that involves both loss of hair on the crown and a receding hairline on the forehead (more similar to male pattern hair loss). 

The Importantce of Hair & Scalp -  Trichology in Calgary