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Trichology & Hair Loss

To have healthy hair, you must have healthy scalp. Shedding of hair is considered normal  when hair loss is limited to around one hundred hairs per day.  During an individual's life hair grows, falls out and regrows around twenty times. 

Hair & Scalp

The scalp is an ultra-specialized area of the skin, where hair is anchored. Like other hair, also the hair on the scalp originates from a hair follicle, called a bulb.  Since it is skin, the scalp is susceptible to problems such as imbalances, anomalies, disorders or actual illnesses.


Scalp Problems

Genetic factors influence and determine the size of the diameter in hair.  Its volume varies from person to person.  In hair, the diameter is a very important element. In addition to characterizing its look, it also gives us information about its health. 

Thin hair is less beautiful, less vital looking, less robust and more vulnerable than thick hair, and therefore also more susceptible to external and internal agents.

Common Causes of Hair Loss

  • Androgenetic Alopecia/Thinning hair
  • Seasonal Hair Loss  - Hormonal causes and Environmental stresses
  • Alopecia Areata  - Prevalent autoimmune condition
  • Telogen Effluvium - Stress, trauma from accident, long term hospitalization, physiological changes due to season, child birth etc.
  • Scarring Alopecia - Generally autoimmune condition (but not only)

Hair Loss In Men & Women

Hair Loss & Prevention

Around 1 in 5 men tend to lose their hair prematurely over time. This problem does not affect only young men but also young women. In the majority of cases, it is androgenetic alopecia (pattern hair loss) and therefore is genetic.  

It is important to remember that often factors of psychological origin like performance anxiety, trauma and emotional stress take over, thereby becoming a source and cause of hair loss from stress.  

Men suffer from this more than women.  

It is normal to lose up to about 100 hairs a day on one's comb, brush, in the sink or on the pillow. This is the result of the normal hair growth cycle.  Normally, hair grows for a few years, then rest for a few months, shed, and regrow.

Telogen is the name for the resting stage of the hair growth cycle. A telogen effluvium is when some stress causes hair roots to be pushed prematurely into the resting state. Telogen effluvium can be acute or chronic.  There are number of different causes for telogen effluvium.  Most common causes are high fevers, childbirth, severe infections, severe chronic illness, severe psychological stress, major surgery or illnesses, over or under active thyroid gland, crash diets with inadequate protein, and a variety of medications.   

Hairloss In Women

Female hair loss is a common form of non-scarring hair loss, characterized by the progressive loss of hair in the forehead and crown regions, resulting in visible thinning. Unlike male hair loss, female hair loss in the affected areas is usually incomplete and the occipital area is generally spared. 

Hormonal changes, medication, stress, anxiety, autoimmune reactions, hereditary can all cause hair loss in women & some are temporary & others are permanent.  Proper identification of what is causing the hair loss is the best way to save time and ensure that proper measures are taken in slowing the progression of hair loss and possible reversing it.

Hair Loss In Men

The most common cause of hair loss is a hereditary condition called male-pattern baldness.  It occurs gradually with aging & in predictable patterns. Usually is shows as a receding hairline & bald spots in men. 

Most hair loss in men results from male-pattern baldness, a genetic trait that comes from the parents. Other causes include certain medications, too much vitamin A, or not enough protein. Illness or stress can lead to sudden, heavy shedding called telogen effluvium.   

Whether you suffer from thinning hair, temporary or permanent hair loss or other scalp condition, various solutions are available. The CRLab prevention Care line can help with possibly slowing down the process of hair loss & sometimes reversing it  maintain strong, healthy hair.  

Hair Loss Prevention & Hair Systems

Hair Loss Prevention & Hair Systems

Stop Hair Loss Before It Starts

CRLab Trichology

Would you like stronger, thicker hair? 

With Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories CRLab Line it is easy to improve your hair's condition. 

With a complete scalp and hair health check we can establish the best combination of clinically tested products to improve your scalp's circulation and boost hair growth.

CRLab Protocols

CRLAB offers 3 effective protocols to tackle the major causes that affect our hair and scalp conditions: 

  • Hair loss protocol
  • Dandruff protocol
  • Sebum protocol

Restoring Beautiful Hair!

How To Use The Hair Loss Prevention Protocol

 It works by counteracting hair loss and giving volume, strength and vitality to the miniaturized, thin and detaching hair.  The products of the line contain active ingredients of natural origin, such as essential oils which stimulate hair growth and activate the microcirculation, while purifying the scalp. 

Havogen 5 Patch

Hair Loss Prevention

Experiencing early stages of hair loss or worried about genetic hair loss?

Through the field of trichology Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories has developed a proven and effective tool to ensure you have a healthy head of hair. 

A simple and effective solution is the Havogen 5 patch.

Intimate AffHairs is proud to deliver this exclusive hair loss solution to both men & women experiencing hair loss.



Havogen 5 is a complex patch, which slowly release the active principle through the skin for 12 hours from the application. 

Thanks to powerfull antioxidant agents and the Vitamin E, Havogen 5 strongly fights free radicals formation. The Serenoa Repens extracts and the 5alpha avocuda (derived from Avogado extracts), sebum and DHT inhibitor, with L-Cistein (a great keratinising agent) and the group B Vitamins (very important as nourishment for the hair bulb), all together co-work for fighting hair loss ant for improving hair growth.

The silk proteins contained in its formulation, enhance hair structure giving thickness and shining. 

Havogen 5 has 5 important actions: 

- Reducing 5alpha reductase activity

- Fighting and inhibiting free radicals formation

- Giving nourishment to the hair bulb

- Fighting hair loss, protecting hair structure.

 A natural & effective way to prevent hair loss. 

Hair Loss Prevention Patch

Hair Loss Prevention Patch