Toupees - Hair Systems For Men

You want good quality hair systems from a trusted supplier?

Whether you want a custom made or a stock piece, we can provide it for you!

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Hair Systems - Toupees For Men

Toupees / Hair Systems For Men

Quality Custom Made Hair Systems for Men

Natural looking hair systems to transform your look and enhance your confidence.

  • The highest quality, non-detectable, perfectly natural and easily affordable hair replacement systems .
  • No need to order off the internet when we can provide you with the personal touch and commitment to ensure that you get exactly what you need and want. 
  • The systems are custom made matched directly to your current hair color in order to provide you with the perfect look.
  • With an undetectable hair system, you will feel more confident, walk a little taller and smile more!

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Mono hair systems are widely used for toupees. They are most durable, therefore an economic choice. Popular for its strength and durability.

Mono Hair systems look like lace but stiffer and more durable.


Hair systems that looks & feels great and easiest to glue & clean.  Skin material a good choice as it can be more strongly bonded.  Great choice for active clients such as swimmers. 


Two most common type of laces used for hair systems: French Lace & Swiss Lace.

Swiss Lace is finer & more natural, but less durable then the French Lace.

Flesh coloring makes it undetectable and can also bleach the knots for a perfect effect. Allows for any hair style including spiked hair or brushed to the back.


Knots on the base will give the appearance that hair look is growing out from the scalp.


With custom hair systems we will select color, density and type of hair. The base whether lace, thin skin or monofilament will be selected based on your desired look and lifestyle. 

Systems will be customized to your exact requirements by taking measurements and preparing a template to ensure an exact fit.  We will make sure that your custom-made hairpiece is undetectable, long-lasting, and perfect in every way. 

Affordable custom made toupees in Calgary.

PLEASE NOTE: Custom Hair pieces can take up to up to 3 months from the time of ordering.