Our Services

Wig Fitting & Thinning


Thinning, syling and fitting of Synthetic wigs purchased at Intimate Affhairs are complimentary

Depending on the cap construction, if the cap is too big, we may be able to alter it to ensure 

Wig Cutting & Styling


Synthetic Wigs & Hair Pieces  are different than our natural hair and as such they require specialized care in order to maintain their natural look.  

Customization of wigs is important. It is what  makes the wig look and feel more natural.  

Synthetic Wig Cleaning


We offer wig cleaning & conditioning for a fee.  

We recommend washing your wig after approximately 10 - 12 days full wear or sooner depending on the environment the wig is being subjected to. 

If you like to drop off your wig for a proper cleaning and conditioning please give us a call and we can take care of it. 

We offer overnight service for shampoo & conditioning service ($$).

Synthetic Wig Revive


Do you have an old, freezy wig that needs reviving? 

We offer a re-care service on all synthetic wigs and hair pieces. Call us to get a free estimate.

Synthetic wig will experience fibre friction. 

The extent will mostly depend on the length of the wig.  

Fibre friction is a natural occurrence that will be caused by natural head movement allowing the fibres to rub together or against fabrics being worn therefore causing frizzy ends tangleing of the fibre.

Hair & Scalp Care


               Is Your Scalp Healthy?  

      Healthy Scalp leads to Healthy Hair!

The condition of your hair is a direct result of the condition of your scalp. You can’t have beautiful healthy hair without a healthy scalp. Hair products cater to the actual hair shaft, while the products we carry are based on the science of Trichology, they are specifically designed to care for the scalp. Even without the concerns of hair loss a healthy scalp is important. 

Hair Loss Prevention


                 For Men & Women

Hair loss can affect you emotionally and can be devastating, affecting both men and women alike. 

Losing your hair can be a tragic experience that leaves you feeling defeated and self-conscious.


There are a variety of treatments and options out there that can help individualize each client’s journey and restore confidence to your life.  Call us today!