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TRICOTEST® - Trichological Scalp Analysis In Calgary

Trichology & Hair Loss

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories treatments have been developed under laboratory conditions by some of the world’s leading hair loss experts.  The CRLab® formulative philosophy combine Nature and Science and all its products are parabens and SLES free.  With the use of Trichology we can help identify what is happening on your scalp then provide a complete protocol to fight the major causes of your hair and scalp condition.


We work with a patented software program, TricoTest® , that is designed to sense and view, both hydration and oil levels in the skin and hair and establish the cause of hair loss and skin problems.


Then, using a micro camera we do a complete capillary assessment by looking at the scalp with a magnification of 200x. We will take pictures of the scalp and look at scalp ailments or causes of hair loss.  After the scalp diagnostic, a treatment will be prescribed.  This residue treatment removes all residues, silicones, polymers and co-polymers found in products that we use and prepare the scalp for the hair loss treatment.  

After the treatment  is completed, we create a personalized Trichological  treatment program combining in home care, in salon treatments and in some cases lasers that work in synergy to stop or reverse scalp ailments or hair loss.

The end result is to create healthier scalp and  new hair growth.



1. Hair Loss Prevention Protocol

Fights hair loss, gives hair volume, strength and new life to miniaturized, thin and weak hair. 

2. Anti-Dandruff Protocol: 

Fights persistent dry dandruff, helping those with scalp irritations, scalp tenderness, redness and excessive itch.

3. Sebum Regulating Protocol

Purifies the scalp and frees it from excess oil production that could affect hair metabolism making hair dirty, heavy, weak and thin. 

Take the first step towards beautiful healthy hair, schedule your Trichological Analysis and find out about your scalp health!

TRICOTEST - Trichological Scalp Analysis in Calgary.

Take the first step towards beautiful hair!

Addressing Scalp Concerns




Scalp itching is a problem that both men and women suffer and that pushes those who suffer scratching the skin, often with painful episodes and overtime it can lead to hair loss. 

In some cases, itching can also be associated with skin and hair problems such as psoriasis, dandruff, seborrhea, folliculitis, dry skin, seborrheic and atypical dermatitis, eczema. 

In many cases, psychological factors such as anxiety, stress and trauma, or external factors such as hygiene and cosmetics, food, chemical agents and treatments are not to be excluded.  

CRLab offers products that thanks to the rehydrating agent, give relief and a beneficial purifying effect. 




Is your hair dry and brittle? Dry hair often appears weak and fragile and over time they tend to fracture and break, to generate split ends or other forms of damage. 

The causes of dry and lifeless hair can be hormonal, food or genetic: but in any case the primary cause is the lack of production of sebum. 

Even cosmetic treatments can play their part in making hair dry and damaged, especially if it is abused or does not rely on quality products. 

CRLab recommends a series of products designed for dry and brittle hair problems: using them for washing and as a treatment, they nourish the hair, rehydrate it and rebalance it: the hair is immediately soft, bright and easy to comb.




Does your hair appear dirty, greasy, oily, shiny, or at times unpleasant odor?

It is because it may have high level of sebum. 

Excessive amount of sebum that obstructs follicles over time prevent the growth of healthy hair.  The excess sebum in fact through the hair follicles is poured on the scalp, ending up also to distribute itself on the entire stem of the hair. 

When the production of sebum is excessive, the functions of the sebum are altered and the hydro-lipid balance jumps, compromising the health of the hair and consequently causing problems to the hair and scalp. 

The CRLab line studies products that help to rebalance the production of sebum, thanks to a mix of specific essential oils, which nourish the hair and fight reddening, itching and oily dandruff.




The ways in which hair loss occurs can be very different depending on the areas of the scalp or the causes that caused it and have a different degree of severity, different causes and specific remedies. 

Timely intervention and choosing quality products and treatments is essential to combat this disorder and limit the consequences of hair loss. 

CRLab, thanks to the research of its laboratories and the experience of its professionals, has created a line completely dedicated to the problem of hair loss, formulated to promote growth by bringing the right nourishment to the hair bulb fortifying it. 




If your lifestyle and habits lead you to have to wash your hair often, you need to be sure to use products and treatments that do not alter the balance of the hair and nourish it without any side effects. 

Frequent washing, in fact, if carried out with non-specific products, can turn out to be a double-edged sword that on the one hand makes the hair less beautiful and on the other it also undermines the "inner health".

For frequent washing, CRLab has specially designed a complete line of very delicate yet effective products. 

Thanks to the effect of the Daily Care line for frequent washing, the hair will immediately be more shiny and soft.




Have you noticed your scalp covered with large scales, greasy yellowish appearance, and have a slight but persistent itching?  Then you may suffer from oily dandruff. 

Almost always fatty dandruff is caused by a rapid development of some cells of the superficial epidermal layer and often occurs in people with contact eczema or psoriasis. 

The Cyrab Antiseptic line has been formulated to combat oily dandruff. Since sebum is essential for the protection and metabolism of the skin / hair system, it must be kept in the right balance, because if in excess it will also negatively affect the correct turn over of the hair.

The essential oils at the base of this line fight synergistically against the excessive production of sebum, redness, dandruff and itching, thanks to the astringent and purifying abilities of the active ingredients and the nourishment provided. 

Scalp Care

Trichology - Fighting Hair Loss

Intimate AffHairs is proud to be an exclusive provider of CRLAB Trichological Products from the researchers at Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories. 

The CRLAB Trichology products are formulated to nourish and improve the look and feel of virtually any hair type or scalp condition.

The CRLAB Trichology

 Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories treatments have been developed under laboratory conditions by some of the world's leading hair loss experts.

 The active principles aim at stimulating microcirculation, nourishing and balancing the skin in order to give structure to hair.  

Healthy Scalp - Healthy Hair

Beautiful Hair Is A Phone Call Away

Scalp Treatments with CRLab Product Line

Hair Loss Prevention Line

Antidandruff Moisturizing Line

Hair Loss Prevention Line

Hair Loss Treatment

CRLAB Hairloss Prevention Protocol provides 2 months of treatment and works fighting hair loss and giving volume, strength and new life to miniaturized, thin and weak hair.

This line of Trichological Treatment are for clients who do not have scalp anomalies such as dehydration, dandruff or an over production of sebum but do experience hair loss and thinning. 

This line of products is SLES and Paraben free. It contains essential oils that extend the Anagen (growth) phase of the hair and also promotes stimulation of existing viable follicles and give the hair new life. 

The Ruby line can be used in conjunction with the Havogen 5 Patch

Sebum Regulating Line

Antidandruff Moisturizing Line

Hair Loss Prevention Line

Treatment for Oily Scalp

 The CRLAB Sebum Regulating Protocol (also for greasy dandruff) purifies the scalp and frees it from excess sebum (oily) production that could affect hair bulb metabolism.

The excess sebum (caused by stress, hormones, food, etc.) could have a very negative influence on hair quality, making it dirty, heavy, weak and thin. 

To provide strength to the hair, the protocol works on the scalp thanks to a well-studied essential oil mixture with great "astringent" capacity and several plant extracts with a high nutritive activity. 

Antidandruff Moisturizing Line

Antidandruff Moisturizing Line

Antidandruff Moisturizing Line

Treatment For Dandruff/Dry Scalp

 Hairloss Prevention & Scalp Care 

The CRLAB Moisturizing Antidandruff Protocol  (for dry scalp) fights persistent dry dandruff, helping those with irritations, scalp tenderness, redness, itch, etc.

Due to the great soothing properties of these products, the essential oils of this Trichological Protocol have the capacity to stop dehydration (enhancing the scalp moisturizing) and have a soothing and rejuvenating effect. 

The alpha-hydroxy-acids have a deep regenerating effect due to strong "keratinolytic" activity Hydrolyzed collagen restores the scalp connective layer and provides moisturizing action.  

Extra Care Line

Restructering & Finish

Antidandruff Moisturizing Line

CRLAB Healthy Scalp - Healthy Hair

Extra Care Line consists of specialized treatment masks and a specialized shampoo targeted to treat specific scalp conditions. 


For dehydrated scalp. Treats redness of the scalp, dry dandruff & psoriasis 

Sebum Regulating Mask

For oily or greasy scalp. Mask removes impurities and excess sebum while gently cleaning the scalp. 

Scrub Peeling Mask

For greasy dandruff. This mask exfoliates the scalp and treats oily/greasy dandruff. 

Hygienizing Shampoo

With hygienizing properties combines in-depth antibacterial action with moisturizing ingredients resulting in a clean, purified scalp. 

This shampoo is a perfect product to prepare the scalp for PRP treatments or auto transplantation. 

Restructering & Finish

Restructering & Finish

Restructering & Finish

Hair Rejuvenation

Restructuring Products designed to protect the hair and scalp from aggressive treatment that may occur during extreme weather conditions or the use of heated hairstyling tools. 

These products nourish and protect your hair from damage, dehydration and breakage. 

Made with powerful plant extracts and hydrating essential oils (Moringa, Argan, Rice and wheat proteins), your hair will be shiny, easier to comb, softer with more volume and thickness. 

Daily Care Line

Restructering & Finish

Restructering & Finish

Daily Hair Care

Daily Care - It's important to wash your hair every day or as often as possible. 

Like the skin on your face and body, your scalp requires the same level of care. 

CRLAB's Daily Hair Care Line was designed to meet this important standard of need. With natural cleansing agents, the line is formulated for frequent use and gentle to the scalp. 

Scalp Treatments

CRLab Restructuring Products

CRLAB's Restructuring products are designed to protect the hair and scalp from aggressive treatment that may occur during extreme weather conditions or the use of heated hairstyling tools. These products nourish and protect your hair from damage, dehydration and breakage. Made with powerful plant extracts and hydratin

CRLAB Restructering Hair Products

Restructuring Vial

Restructuring Vial

Restructuring Vial

Hair Restructuring Treatment

 The CRLab Restructuring Vial, extra strength treatment, has been specially designed for restructuring hair from deep within, while at the same time rebalancing the scalp thanks to the presence of Vitamin E. Active molecules stimulate blood circulation, strengthening the hair, while hydrolyzed keratin nourishes and also strengthens. Laminaria extract induces the reduction of sebum production.


Restructuring Vial

Restructuring Vial

Psoriasis, dry itchy, flakky scalp

 The CRLab Leniskin is a triple action shampoo. The presence of phytosterols and linoleic acid has a soothing effect on the scalp and stimulates cell renewal. Its moisturizing effect is due to the bisabolol and natural carbohydrates, and has a cheratinolitica effect thanks to Alpha Hydroxy acids. Vitamin E has a strong renewing action. 

Thermal Mud Mask

Restructuring Vial

Sebum Regulating Mask

For Red, itchy Scalp

The CRLAB Restructuring Mask Treatment, thanks to its absorbent properties, the mask helps to remove excess sebum and impurities from the scalp, rebalancing the PH, restoring brightness and fullness to hair. Castor oil and other natural extracts such as the caspian and nettle work in synergy, revitalizing and nourishing all hair types. The combination of its precious elements stimulates the steady growth of the hair. .

Sebum Regulating Mask

Linfoil For Volume & Texture

Sebum Regulating Mask

Treatment For oily Scalp

 The CRLab Sebum Regulating Mask, combines different plant extracts, minerals and vitamins that work together to stabilize sebum secretion. Specific pharmaceutical molecules cleanse the scalp of impurities and excessive sebum, green clay and thermal water rebalance the PH of the scalp. All of these elements contribute in stimulating hair growth. .

Linfoil For Volume & Texture

Linfoil For Volume & Texture

Linfoil For Volume & Texture

Linfoil, volume and texture

 The CRLab Linfoil, restructures the hair, adding volume and texture for radiant hair, and protects it from harsh weather conditions. 

Nurishing & Nutritive

Linfoil For Volume & Texture

Linfoil For Volume & Texture

Nutritive Nourishing Conditioner

The CRLAB Crema Balsamo Nutriente is a gentle and rich cream suitable for all skin types. Cashmere proteins, strengthen, brighten and add volume to hair, while eliminating a static hair effect. It detangles, allowing easy combing through the hair resulting in the reduction of split ends. 

Excessive Sebum

It purifies the scalp and freeing it from the excessive presence of sebum, which negatively influences the metabolism of hair follicles. Excess of sebum has a very negative effect on the quality of our hair that appears heavy, opaque, thin and brittle. The products of the line act thanks to particular essential oils with great astringent capacity and to vegetable extracts with high nutritional power. 


 The CRLab Leniskin is a triple action Pre-shampoo 

Nourishing & Conditioning

Restructuring treatment for all skin types.  It gives hair strength, volume and light thanks to cashmere proteins. It favours combability, removes staticity and prevents split ends.