Wig Cap Construction

100% Hand-tied Caps

100% Hand tied caps for natural looking wigs

  • Ideal for women experiencing complete hair loss or scalp sensitivity as well as perfect for those looking for comfort and a most natural look
  • Because each hair strand is hand-knotted it can imitate the natural movement of real hair
  • It has the natural appearance of scalp wherever the hair is separated and hair appears to grow naturally from the scalp 
  • Offers the Ultimate Styling Versatility

Open Cap or Capless

Open cap or capless caps for more ventilation, cooler on the scalp

  • Perfect for women who wear wigs for medical reasons because its light weight and comfort
  • Wefts are less dense and have more space between them allowing for better air circulation
  • Open Cap constructions now provide a thin resilient dual elastic sides for comfort and a precise all day fit
  • Can have lace front, monofilament part or monofilament crown

Monofilament Caps

Monofilament top wigs for natural looking hairline

Monofilament Top

  • Monofilament on top area only, providing comfort and the look of natural scalp and allowing the flexibility of parting on either side

Double Monofilament Top 

  • Extra layer of monofilament to protect people with sensitive scalps

Monofilament Caps with 100% Hand Tied Base

  • This types of caps result in most natural looking hair movement
  • Hairs hand-knotted into breathable mesh, giving a natural look and parting versitality
  • Mesh material gives the illusion of hair growth from the scalp

Wefted Caps

  • Synthetic hair is machine or hand sewn into strips of material
  • Weft is a narrow strip of material that has hair, all going in the same direction sewn into it 
  • Strips are inter connected in horizontal planes going back and foth over the entire cap
  • Wefted cap does not allow for styling options

Lace Front Caps

Lace front wig for natural hairline

  • Creates the illusion of a natural looking hairline and allows for styling away from the face
  • It can be trimmed to fit the natural hairline
  • When combined with monofilament 100% hand-tied caps, lace front wigs are most expensive and most natural looking wigs

Monofilament Crown and Part

  • Monofilament in the crown area where hair goes in multiple directions, creating more hair life in the crown area

Monofilament Part

  • Monofilament in the part area to create a natural appearance of the scalp allowing for a conventional part or zigzag part

Monofilament Wigs in Synthetic & Human Hair

Synthetic wigs Vs Human Hair wig


While you may have preconceived notions about human hair vs. synthetic hair, the truth is they both have advantages and limitations which make them the right choice in different situations. 

Synthetic Wigs

All synthetic wigs are made of artificial fibers, and with recent technological advances, these fibers have come a long way. In some cases it’s extremely hard to tell the difference between human and synthetic hair wigs.


From a visual perspective, Synthetic wigs are appealing for their ability to be worn right out of the box. They hold up against the environment and won’t droop or frizz.


New advances with synthetic wigs made with state-of-the-art fibers make it hard to distinguish them from human hair. Technology is constantly improving as well, which means that there is the possibility of even more natural-looking choices appearing on the market.


Women who do not want to be bothered with styling a wig on a daily basis may prefer a synthetic wig. Synthetic wigs are less expensive than human hair wigs, which gives you the option of purchasing more and styling less. Special Heat Friendly synthetic hair (BIOLON) is heat styleable to change the curl pattern. Keep in mind, even the heat friendly fiber can be difficult to style as synthetic fiber is more resistant to change. 

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are consider to be the cream of the crop, and especially in the case of monofilament wigs, lace front and hand-tied wigs. Human hair is heavier in weight than synthetic fibre and can be cleaned and styled in many ways, but it does require more care when it comes to washing and conditioning. Human hair is also heat resistant and hair dryers and styling irons can be used on the low to medium settings without damaging the hair.  Human hair wigs are great choice for clients experiencing hair loss due to Alopecia or chemo. 


From a visual perspective, wigs made from human hair look the most natural. The hair has a natural sheen and texture to it. Human hair wigs act like human hair, they can get a tiny bit messy, frizzy, or windblown, this is natural and are the factors that make a wig look like one’s own hair. Nobody has perfect hair with every strand in place all the time. Also, natural hair has more organic color dimension than synthetic hair.  


Only a good quality human hair wig feels like natural hair. This may be an important factor for the individual who wears the wig as well as to the wearer’s significant other. You may instinctively prefer the feel of human hair when putting on the wig and styling it. Human hair is slightly finer and softer than synthetic hair and therefore just like your own hair! 


Human hair can be styled with heat appliances, just like your natural hair. That means a human hair wig can be flat ironed, blow-dried, curled, and crimped without issue (excessive heat can still damage hair). Human hair wigs can also be colored.  Only by a professional hair stylist familiar with wig products, as that is the only way to guarantee success. 

Human hair is very strong and can tolerate heat well. Most Human Hair wigs are pre-styled, it is important to note that unlike synthetic hair products, most human hair styles should be enhanced with a professional cut and style personalized for the wearer.  Again, we recommend using a professional hair stylist familiar with wig products.