An Alternative Solution To Hairloss

Fighting Hair Loss

The day when wigs were worn only for medical reasons are long gone. Today millions of people wear wigs to either enhance their look, to change their look, to reinvent themselves or just to change their style for an evening. 

Wigs come in many styles & colors offering great flexibility.   Wigs are great confidence boosters if you are affected by thinning hair or complete hair loss.

Alternative Solution To Hair Loss In Calgary

High Quality Monofilament, Lace Front wigs, and the 100% Hand Tied wigs offer a great alternative to all hair loss problems.  

The Ultimate Indulgent Hair Experience

 With a large selection of ready to wear styles, we are sure you are able to find one that suits you best. 

Boutique Wig Collection


Synthetic & Human Hair Wig Collection

The photos in the gallery below may not be the same of the actual collection available in the  Boutique. 

Over 120 styles available in the Boutique.

Biolon Wigs for Alopecia

Evolution In Hair

BIOLON is a bio-identical man-made hair that simulates real human hair. It is similar in density (thickness of the hair) to human hair, yet at roughly half the weight of human hair, feels incredibly light on your head, so you don't have that feeling of a heavy wig . 

High Heat Resistance

BIOLON is High heat resistant hair. 

This means it can be curled and styled using hot tools like curling irons and flat irons with a consistent temperature between 320-360 F or 160-180 C. Better still, once the hair is styled, the hair retains all of it's human characteristics of softness, shine and bounce, yet will never lose it's style until it is re-styled even through washes.

BIOLON looks and feels like growing human European hair, and is also known as Euro-Fiber. It resists fading and is less prone to tangling.  These wigs are designed more for people with complete hair-loss, such as people affected by Alopecia. For the best synthetic hair available, try Biolon. You won't be disappointed.

New Cap Technology

Intimate AffHairs Wig Boutique Offering Hair Evolution A New Wig Option for those affected with complete hair-loss such as alopecia.

New cap technology has addressed many of the issues facing patients requiring wig for medical reasons. Inner panels are soft net reinforced for durability and contain a non-slip fit.

Temple-to-temple stretchable panels mean the BIOLON cap is light, airy and secure. 

BIOLON is designed to be custom cut to provide the ultimate fit and the comfort is immediately obvious. 

Biolon looks like natural human hair.  It is soft, pliable and can be blow dried and curled. It is quite superior to human hair when it comes to hair replacement systems.

Where Human hair has a tendency to tangle and become dry and brittle, the , Biolon fibre, in contrast, does not tangle, frizz, fade or discolour. It is not as fragile as human hair and does not become dry or brittle.

For Seniors

Fabulous At All Ages

Synthetic & Human Hair Wigs in Calgary exclusively for you!

Looking Fabulous is not only for the young.  More women over the age of 60 are focusing on taking care of their body and mind. Great hair is also a huge part in looking and feeling great. 

Wigs for seniors are not only the ones in the shades of grey but basically any wig that suits them.  Looking good means feeling good.

 Highlight your favorite facial feature with a new style.

 There are some simple things to keep in mind when selecting your style:

  • Go for simple
  • Natural looking hairline
  • Age appropriate is  not always short
  • Play with colors that make you look younger

Your Hair, Your Way!

Let go of the stereotype in your mind that holds you back and try something fresh and new! Look for a hairstyle that compliments your face shape and matches your lifestyle.

Visit us to see the full selection of fabulous wigs.

Synthetic & Human Hair Wigs in Calgary

Check out our finest remy human hair wigs in the market featuring a 100% hand tied cap to create the illusion of real hair growth.